Take a Bite is a non-fictional text discussing female vampires in folklore and Anglo-American Literature and how their characteristics changed through the ages.

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image of the book cover of Take A Bite, showing a lady vampire towering over the ruins of Whitby Abbey

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Vampires: marginalised, blood-sucking, sexy … it’s hard to avoid these glamorous, dangerous creatures as they hold sway over the imagination. But, as the Twilight generation eagerly flocks to the cinema to watch film after film, do we understand how and why these mythical creatures have come to dominate popular culture? And, more importantly, how do women feature in this phenomenon – in our so-called ‘modern’ society does an empowered vampire queen exist, or are we all just lusting after Edward?

In this innovative analysis of folklore and Anglo-American literature, Nancy Schumann explores the representation of vampires and vampiresses from the Romantic era through to the Post-Modern. Tracing the development of blood-sucking figures from their origins through to Le Fanu’s Carmilla and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, before concluding with the Twilight and True Blood sagas, Take a Bite is a thorough and engaging analysis that puts women centre stage. Looking at both popular and less well-known texts, this engaging study tells the untold stories of vampiresses.

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Journal article: Sleeping with the Vampire in Gothic Studies 23.3 (2021): 316–331 

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Women with Bite: Tracing Vampire Women from Lilith to Twilight in B. Brodman & J.E. Doan (Ed). The Universal Vampire: Origins and Evolution of a Legend; Fairleigh Dickinson UP.

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